Today the economy dictates that we carefully watch our cash flow, and utilize the best management practices available to stay in the cattle business. The Belted Galloway offers the cattleman an opportunity that the other breeds of cattle in the world need to vastly improve upon. Based on numerous studies.

#1 - The Galloway breed is the most feed efficient breed in the world - utilizing grass and forage to its maximum, and the Galloway consumes many grasses that other breeds of cattle will ignore.

#2 - The Galloway breed is double hair coated, therefore during bad weather Galloway cattle will routinely continue to forage, where other breeds will seek shelter from the extreme weather conditions.

#3 - The Galloway breed has the longest production record of any breed, - most Galloway cattle are calving into their late teens and early twenties, - allowing you to sell more calves rather than keep them as replacements - this means more cash flow, and profits.

#4 - The Galloway will consume about 70% of the forage that other breeds consume - translation - less feed purchased, and more money in your pocket.

# 5 - The Galloway cattle are known as the easiest calving breed of cattle - small, vigorous calves that really grow, and the Galloway may be the most gentle good natured bovine of all breeds.

#6 - The Galloway produces the number one rated carcass of all breeds, first in taste, tenderness, and intramuscular marbling, with the least amount of external fat, with a dressing percentage of 62-65%.

#7 - The Galloway is one of two remaining purebreds dating back to their origins, the other being the Scottish Highlander - and the Galloway is the only true "polled" breed.

#8 - The Belted Galloway cow is moderate framed, with cows weighing 1100-1500 lbs and the bulls weighing in at 1700-2100 lbs.

#9 - Maybe the best thing about the Belted Galloway is that they are just "COOL" to look at.