MCF Supreme 418W

Reg# 33795 | BD: Dec 18, 2009

One of the top carcass bulls in the breed! And sires big-ribbed, broody females with perfect udders.

Semen available -$25/straw - no minimum

FSB Starrsky

Reg# 35659 | BD: Oct 18, 2012

Starrsky is a super balanced bull that excels in quarter, width, rib shape, soundness, and attitude,- quite frankly the most complete, fault-free bull I've run across in the Belted Galloway breed. The plus is he passes that right on to his offspring- loads of Scottish pedigree.

Semen available - $25/straw
no minimum required

Driftwood Sonic

Reg# 34628 | BD: Sept 18, 2010

2012 Res Grand National Champion NAILE

Works extremely well in the 1/2 blood appendix program and purebred setting. Adds length of rump, depth of body, and extension in the front ends. He is also the sire of Boomer.

B&J Sonic boomer 34A

Reg# 36471 | BD: Oct 28, 2013

Possibly the best genetic package we've raised to date! Sired by Sonic and out of Wayside Valley Sugarbaker - powerful package here!

B&J Jefferson Supreme 25A

Reg# 36407 | BD: Sept 5, 2013

Jefferson combines the best genetics both top and bottom to compliment outstanding phenotype and soundness - He adds both carcass and the "showring" look to his offspring!